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Shipping Policy


Coffee Market is proud to offer international shipping to hundreds of countries worldwide. We proudly ship most of our products from right here in Israel. As the business week in Israel is Sunday-Thursday, we ship most orders during this time. Orders from our Israel fulfillment center are not shipped on Friday or Saturday. Read below to find out about How We Calculate Estimated Delivery Time, How We Calculate Shipping Costs, Our Shipping Methods, and more.



The estimated delivery time of your order appears during checkout after you have added all items to your shopping cart. The estimated delivery time of your order is calculated by factoring processing time and shipping time.

The processing time of your order reflects how long it takes for your products to be prepared for shipment from our fulfillment center, while shipping time is dependent on the shipping method that you selected from the various options available to you.

Please note that delivery time is an estimate, and that Coffee Market is not responsible for delays due to local customs, postal schedules, holidays or weather conditions.



The shipping cost of your order is a factor of the total weight of items in your cart, the quantity of these products, your selected shipping method, and finally, the country to which you are shipping.

Depending on the total volume and weight of your order, you will be offered reduced-cost shipping options at checkout. The most affordable of these are Sea/Land, and Standard Air Mail. Selecting either of these options is an excellent alternative for those who have time to spare in receiving their orders.



Priority Mail

This is the most affordable paid shipping option available to Coffee Market customers. The shipping time refers to the order’s time en route, after it has left our fulfillment center. Exact shipping time varies depending on the destination country’s national and local postal schedules. Estimated Shipping Time: 8-14 Business Days


Expedited Shipping

Like Air Mail, this is a service carried out by local postal services, yet is expedited. The cost is approximately twice that of standard Air Mail, yet arrives in nearly half the time. Note that this International Express Mail Service itself estimates 4-7 business days for shipping, and Coffee Market cannot be held responsible for interruptions due to your country’s national and local postal practices.

Estimated Shipping Time: 4-7 Business Days


Express Shipping- DHL

An attractive option for those who would like maximum expediting of their orders.  DHL is a 3rd party shipping provider that commits to 2-4 business days for shipping.

Estimated Shipping Time: 2-4 Business Days.

Important Notes

* All shipping times are estimates provided by 3rd party postal carriers or shipping providers. Coffee Market is not responsible for delays due to local customs, postal schedules, holidays or weather conditions.

* Shipping times refer to the order’s time en route after it has been released from our fulfillment center, and does not include processing time during fulfillment itself.

* Coffee Market customers are responsible for verifying and paying any local customs, taxes or duties levied by the country designated in your shipping address.  Order total does not include any country-specific or local fees.


Coffee Market offers free shipping through priority mail on orders that accumulate to or exceed a determined value.

Under the following circumstances we reserve the right to apply shipping charges even if the amount of the order meets the free shipping requirements:

  1. If the cost of shipping exceeds the total amount of the order by 25% or more.
  2. The weight and/or size of the order require a shipping method other than priority mail.


Coffee Market reserves the right to refuse, cancel or refund orders by customers who do not comply with our shipping policy.

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